Video Production

A lean, mean documentary-style video production team, we craft member-focused marketing campaigns, making it easy for members to find and connect with your Credit Union.

Looking for a Place to Start?

Here’s a couple of our tried and true video formats!

Member Profiles

Unique 15-30 second-long stories from individual members that highlight how your CU helped them achieve their financial dreams. For example, we want to show off the car that they purchased with a loan from your CU!

Credit Union Bio

A minute-long featurette about your credit union, and the members and staff that make it special.

Animated Explainers

Animated explainer videos are fun and unique ways to introduce or elaborate your CU’s products and services.

Commercials on Demand

Educate and encourage member participation in It’s Me 247 with our fast-paced, narrated tutorial series. You can also browse our collection of pre-made CU-based commercials!

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